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Stroke technique/Basic strokes/Backhand push

Backhand push

It is a defensive stroke and gives the ball backspin. It is used like the forehand push for the return of balls played close to the net and can put the opponent in a difficult position thus preparing the ground for an offensive stroke.


The player stands close to the table with his knees bent and his feet a shoulder's width apart. Players who favor the forehand place their left leg in front of their right such as to favor an offensive forehand stroke. Defensive and offensive players, who base their game on the backhand, place their right leg in front of the left thus making the strokes from the backhand side easier.

The right hand rests in front of the body at the diaphragm level while the right arm forms a 90° angle with the forearm. The body is balanced between the legs. During the stroke the body weight is transferred to the front foot and the racket moves downwards towards the front while its contact with the bottom of the ball is close to the body when the ball is at its highest point after it bounces. The arm is moved entirely by the elbow. The racket angle is in direct proportion to the spin of the ball from the opponent's stroke and the spin the player wants to give the ball.

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