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Table tennis science - Physical preparation

Table tennis is considered a sport with low physical fitness requirements. This is valid only when table tennis is practiced for entertainment because at the national team level, as well as in important tournaments like the World Championship, physical fitness requirements are quite high. This is also proven by a research, which took place during the World Championship in Chiba in 1991. As a matter of fact, 57.4% of the players spend from two up to more than five hours per week for general physical fitness while 76.5% believe in the effectiveness of weight training for table tennis. As it is apparent, a good technical knowledge and high skill do not necessarily make up the essential aspects of a good player and do not ensure the win in a match. A good physical condition is probably a determining factor in the result of a match. As in any other sport, physical training in table tennis is specialized. In other words, the physical attributes that characterize a table tennis player are sorted out so the physical preparation program is planned correctly and the results of the training are predicted.

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