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Title Created Date
European Jouth Championships: Juniors’ favorites tested but prevailed 12.07.2014
Spectacular Climb for Yu Ziyang as New Generation Advances to Greater Heights 12.07.2014
Host Nation to the Fore, Four Titles for Australia in Bendigo 18.04.2014
Latest Husband and Wife Partnership Featured on BT Sport 18.04.2014
Michael Maze Continues Rapid Rehabilitation, Marcos Freitas Remains Imperious 09.02.2014
Top Seed Falls in Penultimate Round but Result No Great Surprise 09.02.2014
Epic Duel and Return to Top Flight Success Dominates Quarter-Final Contests 09.02.2014
Golden Day for Austria, Daniel Habesohn Recovers to Secure Hungarian Crown 02.02.2014
Wise Words Steer Defending Champions to Final 11.01.2014
Star Awards: Different Generations, Exemplary Candidates, Live on itTV 11.01.2014
Patrick Franziska Defends Title Won in Hangzhou 15.12.2013
In One Month Will the Record of Kong Linghui Still Stand Alone? 15.12.2013
The Year Concludes, Invitation List for Million Dollar Finals Decided 02.12.2013
Fan Zhendong Returns to Duty, a Place in Million Dollar Grand Finals Beckons 28.11.2013
Thrilling Duels See Surprises in Securing Main Draw Places 15.11.2013
Difficult Times for Japan as Preliminary Round Decides Future 15.11.2013
Former World Tour Champion Suffers Defeat, Junior Circuit Winner Causes Upset 15.11.2013
Cadet Challenge Winner Graduates, Xu Xin Top of Class in Verviers 29.10.2013
Now Six Days to Go: Mission Achieved in Schwechat, New Mission Awaits in Verviers 20.10.2013
France and Romania Share Honours, Romain Lorentz and Cristina Hirici Win in Nice 13.09.2013
Philip Kuimov and Vildan Gadiev Catch the Eye as Play Concludes on Opening Day 13.09.2013
Atlantic Island Winner, Leading Name in Belarus Capital City First Stage 13.09.2013
London Olympians Head Leading Names on First Stage Duty in Olomouc 21.08.2013
Sensational Quarter-Final Winner in Austria, Top Seed in Czech Republic 21.08.2013
Ma Long Wins Again in China and Completes Hat-Trick of Suzhou Titles 18.08.2013

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